četvrtak, 22. listopada 2009.

Krsikla - small village in heart of Istria

If you take a winding road behind Pazin toward the interior of Istria, you can reach the small picturesque town Kršikla. Through you can enjoy the breathtaking views and panoramas. The view of the church in Krsikla with lake Butoniga in the background, will leave you breathless. Far from civilization, peace and quiet, cypress trees around the church of Sv. Cosmas and Damian from 19th century. The interior of the church hide Glagolitic inscription, and a little further, in a populated part of the village, you can find a stone rectory table. Kršikla and the area surrounding it, is ideal place for escaping from everyday stress.

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Martina Mikulić kaže...

I love visiting Istria, I've never been to this village Krsikla, but I will make sure to visit it this summer!