utorak, 19. kolovoza 2008.

Zarečki krov, Pazin

Zarečki krov (Zarečje's roof) is one of the waterfalls on the Pazinčica stream. All waterfalls on Pazinčica have this characteristic shape - a cave below the waterfall. That's why they are all called "roofs". This is the biggest of all "roofs", and also the most beatifull. Zarečki krov is also popular swimming and waterpolo place, and because of cave below and high clifs it is also nice climbing place. If you want to visit it, take the old road from Pazin toward Cerovlje, and just after last houses of Pazin, on the left side is a tiny road that takes you to this beautiful waterfall.

Pictures of Zarecki krov:
Zarecki krov Pazin

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