ponedjeljak, 5. svibnja 2008.

Pajicka, Tinjan

Near the small villages Pajići, Travani and Jurići in Tinjan county is this beautiful water source named after village Pajići - tough is closer to village Jurići. The stone wall around it and stairs was build in year 1922 so the people from villages around can easy access it and use the water for drink and wash. Since 1997 when the last water infrastructure has come in all villages around, the Pajicka (Pajička, Pajićka) is today just a beautiful attraction for tourists and bikers who pass near by. It is not easy to find it, but if you follow the bike route "od lokve do lokve" signs you will eventualy pass near Pajicka. On my google map on the right is the exact location. Enyoj the pictures:


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